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Карьер Игл Ред 18

Сорт «Игл Peд» – среднезернистый равномерный по структуре тёмно-красный камень, добываемый в Котке. Хорошо подходит для строительных объектов, его часто используют для столешниц, для памятников и в качестве отделочной плитки. «Игл Peд» – очень популярный материал, особенно на Дальнем Востоке и в Соединенных Штатах.

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    2. maremora

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    3. leequyt

      Using libsoil to let you create a map of the world from almost any height, this application allows you to view the Earth from several locations, as well as to draw routes of different world cities.
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    7. kamedomy

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    12. zohmerv

      There are no TrueTypeSupport classes in TrueTypeSharp, instead this is the way to create TrueTypeFonts.


      TrueTypeSharp Support – We use ticket system. (IMPORTANT)

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    13. fultlovo

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    16. vijadie

      2.12 or higher
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    17. luke

      This is the one that seems nice the first time you read it, and then you realize – – it’s really not. It’s the comment that says “Great angle!” or “Wow, this picture makes you look great,” it’s the comment version of saying you don’t normally look like this, clearly this picture is false advertisement (a screenshot of this type of comment appears in the teaser spot on the home page).
      Commenting is a key aspect of the photo experience, whatever message they’re sending. But for those of us too lazy to come up with witticisms, there’s always the like button.

    18. kule

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